Our textile studio is located in downtown San Francisco, where we find inspiration in both the romantic and practical purposes of a simple piece of cloth. We use modest and often ancient construction methods, such as Japanese Shibori dyeing techniques and delicate hand-rolled hems, to create thoughtfully-crafted pieces made from the highest quality fabrics and dyes.

Vartan began as a project to merge the principles of handmade craft skills with contemporary design and grew to be an experimental studio and online shop. From linen cocktail napkins to pocket squares, our mission is to incorporate uncomplicated beauty into everyday life.

About Carly

Carly Rose is a textile and interior designer with an affinity for vibrant colors, textures, and simple yet elegant construction principles. Carly started working with textiles in grade school when her most readily available creative tools were fabric and sewing machines. Growing up in a small town in the foothills of the Sierras, she was surrounded by craftspeople, artists, and handweavers. Fabric became a natural medium while it was easy to source materials and learn about construction techniques within the community. Her childhood scrap-fabric projects developed into more intricate knitting, handweaving, cloth dyeing, and eventually a degree from San Francisco State in Textile Arts. She studied under artist Victor De La Rosa and Shibori educator/artist Yoshiko Wada. She has worked with the Anthropologie Display Department, Christina Weber at Studiopatro, and Denise Fielder at PasteSF.