Meet Heather

Hi there!

I’m Heather, and it’s nice to meet you.  

My work with Vartan revolves around the writing, as a copyeditor for the lovely Carly and her company’s website. I only know that Carly is lovely thanks to Skype, as we’ve actually never met in person. It was a fun little twist when my oldest friend moved to San Francisco, calling me one day after a brunch where she’d met Carly, who incidentally needed someone for editing and content copy for her new business. My friend introduced us via email and it turns out we work pretty well together, even from a distance. See, I’m over here in Kansas City -- which, in case you didn’t know, is more than a few miles from California.

I’m the senior writer for Squeezebox Kansas City, a contributor for other local publications, and freelance varying projects, like resume editing and admin for a lobbyist group. I have a crazy beautiful kiddo with my dear hubs, three cats, and a fervor for vintage, history, strong coffee, Alt J, and the Oxford comma.

It’s been a pleasure.

Go Royals!